Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trick Tips

Since I have a penchance for painfully long posts, I decided to make this entry a litte more eye-friendly.

Here are five tips/advice/personal learnings to help you on your NMAT test:

1. You don't really have to enroll in a review center. It all boils down on one thing: if you have the money, go enroll, but if you don't, then you don't have to. If you are like me who still relies on her parents' financial support, do your parents a favor and don't unload 5,000 pesos for a week's worth of review. It doesn't guarantee you anything anyway. A review center cannot feed you everything, studying on your own is still essential.

2. Answer the practice test. When I was reviewing for the NMAT, the one thing I usually asked is if the practice test is any similar with the exam given. And after taking the exam, I realize that it certainly is. The topics covered on the practice tests are the same ones given during the actual exam. Definitely read on the concepts on the practice test.

3. Study High School books. If I could be thankful for anything, that would be my brother's fourth year HS books. Believe me, if anything should cover for the Physics or Chem part, that would be reading HS stuff. You don't have to study mind contorting topics, just the basics.

3. The internet is your friend. One thing that really helped me is reading on forums about how people tackled the exam. I learned techniques which certainly helped me a lot. For the number/letter series, write the alphabet several times on the scratch sheet and draw a skipping line to determine the pattern. It is easier seeing the pattern visually rather than counting manually.

4. Interview people who have taken the test before. Nothing beats actually sitting down on the exam venue. Talk to people who have taken the exam before, and have them tell you what is it actually like.

5. Last and most importantly, pray. Surely God is more powerful than any exam you would take.


  1. regarding the practice test that you mentioned above, are there available review books that can be purchased d\from the market? what are the name of the books and author?

  2. hi, kindly explain the letter-number patterns? i mean, how does it work and why is it significant?
    thanks a lot

  3. Hi,
    Can you upload your study work which you relied on....See its my first time taking the medical test....I don't know what information to rely on....I require someones guidelines to the following NMAT....I require suggestions and improvements I should focus on.....Thanks