Saturday, March 20, 2010

If you want to obtain a high Percentile Rank. The keyword is REVIEW.


People reviewing for the NMAT have two options, first is self-studying, and second is enrolling in a review center (or both for those who really want to get the much coveted 90+ percentile). While the second option may be less laborious, with one only having to attend his review classes and pick up from lessons programmed by the review center, it needless to say, costs money. Self-studying on the other hand, which should be free if one has the needed resources on hand, is a lot more taxing, and requires more focus if one is determined to get a good score from the exam.

Since I believe that the odds are almost equal, whether I enroll in a review center or on my own, I have chosen the the self study road and consequently saved myself some thousands of pesos.

Resources are as equally important as determination itself. Since I already have related resources from my BSN days, I have a ready arsenal. If you don't have much yourself, consider borrowing textbooks from friends or the library (buying new stuff defeats the advantage of saving money).

Okay, so textbooks could be so voluminous at times--good thing we don't have to read the whole thing. I noticed in the practice exam that several questions are only from several fundamental concepts. Observe the trend yourself, and pick from the things that usually come up.

I also bought an MSA NMAT reviewer, just to have a better grasp of the things that might pop out in the exam. While it did cost me 695 pesos, it certainly is a lot cheaper than unloading 5,000+ for a week's worth of review classes. Read how it did (or somehow did not) help me review for the exams.

There are also a lot of resources on the internet. I found the WTAMU College Algebra review quite helpful in remembering what I need to do with the numbers on the quantitative exam. You could also try searching for free Ebooks if you don't fancy buying or borrowing. I will post more sites in the future if I stumble upon some really good ones.

Site to read for Sociology basics: Sparknotes: Sociology

Aside from lessons, it is also equally helpful to read on forums discussing the NMAT. People who have taken the exam before usually give invaluable advice regarding the nitty gritty and pecularities of actually taking the exam. So far I am keeping a number of things to mind.

a. Be wary of the time. The exam is really set to have you work on time pressure.

b. Never write on your test booklet, unless you want to have to erase everything before you can submit your paper.

d. Write the alphabet on a scratch paper so answering the series/pattern part is easier.

c. Come early to the testing center for it can become quite chaotic.

d. And lastly, bring a sweater.

These are not foolproof ways of acing the test. I think however, that with the right combination of street smart, hard work and prayers, it is possible for anyone to get a good score on the exam. I still don't know how my means will do for me when I actually sit right in the testing center. But I will certainly share what worked and what did not on my next posts.

So Good luck to all of us. :)

PS. If you are also reviewing from the NMAT, or have taken it yourself in the past, I would really appreciate some tips and comments. God Bless.


  1. baka po may mai.share kau na mga ebook sites or baka may soft copies ka really appreciate it planning to take it this dec...kaso kinakabahan ako...need help..

    from one nurse to another...any help will be greatly appreciated...

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  3. MSA NMAT Reviewer looks to be very promising. On all the blogs that I've read, it is always the official reviewer of the NMAT takers.

  4. hello, baka po my soft copy ka po ng reviewer mo, pwede po mg ask copy, pahelp po, balak ko po mgtake ng nmat this dec. tnx po