Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am expecting a medical question in the NMAT? Why is it a GE Subject question?

According to the, viewed Chemistry, Physics and Biology as few of the common prerequisite subjects that should be accomplished before entering in a College of Medicine & its relevance to the Medical profession. In Chemistry, as an important field in society and has contributed in so many ways in human lives, is important in Medicine because most disease, injuries and treatments involve chemicals and the chemical process. By understanding it, we were able to develop drugs that fight disease, develop better nutrition and develop healthier environment to avoid disease. In Physics, viewed by many that are solely related to Engineering, little did we know it is Medical-related since it is a form of Science. Classical Mechanics related to motion of human body; Fluid Static and Dynamics related to blood flow and Intravenous Fluids; Thermodynamics related to body temperature, fever, thermal conductivity of the skin, food calories and heat capacity; Wave Properties including sound production by the vocals chords, sound detection by ear, sound intensity level and the use of ear plugs; Electrostatics related to membrane and action potential, optics of the eye with emphasis on vision problems and correction techniques, including reading glass and nuclear decay, including biological effects of radiation and use of pharmaceuticals; Pressure related to swollen ankles, Blood Pressures, Lungs when someone is about to cough, Blood Transfusions, injections of medications, Bladder full and empty, Glaucoma in the eyeball, Brain with Hydrocephalus, Bone density and Osteoporosis in Bones and Joints. In Biology, it recognizes multidisciplinary nature of Medicine like Cellular and Molecular Biology, Disease Research, Environmental Biology, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Genetics, Epidemiology, Bioethics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Zoology and Botany.

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